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  Books and dust jackets (magazine pages, tape).  
  2008 / 2009, and 2013 / ongoing.  
  On the book spines are lines from magazine advertisement and features,  
  isolated from their context and now acting as book titles. Some are complete  
  lines, others are parts as able to be used in this manner (fitting to the spine's  
  width and height). These texts are as found, they are not collaged cut-ups.  
  No product comes without a slogan anymore, no feature without a subtitle.  
  These are intended to have two effects. The first is immediate; to grab and  
  capture attention, to ring out in the moment. In this case the line needs to be  
  catchy, with zing, something surprising yet obvious, inevitable. In the second,  
  the line benefits from resonance. Not only has it captured the attention, it now  
  hangs in the mind, gaining power and potential. In this sense, the line desires  
  to be a vehicle for imagination, possibility, seduction, intrigue. In full or part they  
  could be titles for 'great works' such as books, whether literary, educational,  
  transformative, or even trashy. They aspire to -and indeed touch on- that level  
  of possibility and substance even as they wallow in the shallows of immediacy  
  inherent to advertisement.  
  Selections from this series have been shown in exhibitions at Crimes Town,  
  London (2008), and O'Tannenbaum, Berlin (2009).