Installation at Nothing About Trees, London 2013. Please scroll down...
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  "You've shown that one before. It's over there."  
  "This one? No. It's a larger version. And anyway, they're a series. I'm just putting them to use."
  "Ok, keep your smock on."  
  Look. A mirror with layers of colour film on. You see yourself in it, though obscured and tinted. You're in the work, and  
    vica-versa. Look, it's like a hire magician's trick, it's not complex but it does the job. Now look again. The shapes are  
    basic, they come in simple colours, the composition also setting out a generic landscape of sun, hills and water. Now  
    look here, in this arrangement is a T, an O and an M. The artist's name is there for you to find or not as the case may  
    be. We could be on first name terms see? Hey, good looking!  
  The space was black and empty. We were going to fill it with the stuff of us and our friends. 'Nothing About Trees'.  
  Time runs out... It runs in and out... The space is black. I pick a wall, paint a shape on the wall, a teal blue triangle with  
  with the tip gone. Another wall, receding into the dark. Night wall. Night moves. The mind moves and I recall a Rene  
  Daniels painting. Running into Rene by chance, in a space I was setting out. The wall in the evening. What's with the  
  lighting? Time for the opening.  
  Acrylic on board, collage on canvas, plastic and film on mirror, emulsion on wall. Dimensions variable. 2013.  
    Photos TM and Ben Turner.  
    More about the Nothing About Trees group show.