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  Untitled (Black Square+)  
  Acylic and watercolour on canvas, 30 x 30 cm, 2010  
  This is a small square canvas with the front painted black, in a clear reference to Malevich. Yet  
  on approach and from any angle we see the sides are covererd in small dabs and splashes of  
  various colours, with the black of the frontal surface bleeding over the edges into these areas.  
  In turn, the colours fade out towards the white of the wall that the painting hangs on.  
  The painting began as a riff on a signature work of Modernist art for a presentation on distraction.  
  The sides of the canvas were intended as a humorous, absurd, even irritating device, constantly  
  diverting the eye from the purity and visual strength of the black square against the white wall.  
  Things are often more complex than a b/w, binary opposition; there are shades and contrasts  
  of varying degrees around something, or between two seemingly oppositional ideas, opinions,  
  views or feelings. The Modernist revolutionary desire -for utopia, a final act prior to the new state,  
  a death/rebirth scenario- is teased, somewhat childishly, into a contemporary acknowledgement  
  that one cannot create a new world without taking the 'old‘ one with us.